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Newsletter 2019/2
December 2019

Since our last newsletter published August 2019, we are pleased to mention that the collection of the Virtual Museum of the History of Mineralogy has continued growing and the 4 items below – 2 goniometers, 1 microscope and 1 book - have been added recently.

A large and superb Goldschmidt two-circle reflecting goniometer still in excellent working condition signed Stoe & Cie from the first quarter of the 20th century. Once again this rare instrument came from a private enthousiast collector willing to share his treasures. Numerous nice pictures in high resolution, the major components and several adjustment features (collimator, reading telescope and vertical circle), are offered with great detail on the personal website of the owner

A very appealing and early contact goniometer from the first half 19th century in its leather covered case. This instrument is signed by the Parisian engineer-optician and scientific instrument maker Louis-Joseph Deleuil (1795-1862).

A first edition (1801) of the rare « Tafeln der allgemeinen Naturgeschichte nach ihren drey Reichen » by F.J. Bertuch consists of 3 volumes (in six parts) describing the three kingdoms of nature : minerals, plants and animals. Ten very nice engraved handcolored plates - not 8 plates as described by Schuh - depict minerals while 16 are devoted to plants and 16 to mammals. According to Schuh, this work was published during the publication of the author’s « Bilderbuch für Kinder » a magnificently illustrated children's encyclopaedia about Nature and Earth in 7 volumes. The plates of the present « Tafeln » are probably extracted from the large « Bilderbuch » whose publication history is complex (1790-1810 in German and French).

An Austrian polarizing microscope signed « C. Reichert Wien » with its mahogany case, objectives and accessories dating from 1922.

Claude Hootelé, Paul Tambuyser