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# 91 14/09/20

LÉVY, Armand, 1837
Description d'une collection de minéraux [atlas only]

Claude Hootelé
Description d'une collection de minéraux, formée par M. Henri Heuland, et appartenant a M. Ch. Hampden … par A. Lévy. Londres 1837, 3 vol. + Atlas
Only the atlas is offered here
4° (oblong: ca 26 x 34 cm); 84 plates (I-L, L*, LI-LXXXIII) of crystal drawings on 83 pages Contemporary half leather; decorated gilt spine with gilt lettering.
Very good general condition (minor occasional brown spots) « Very scarce. One of the most elaborate and important catalogs of any mineral collection.» (Schuh 3025).
€ 170,-

Levy 1837

Levy 1837


# 95 13/02/22

signed Pixii

Claude Hootelé
Rare contact goniometer in very good condition from the first half 19th century produced by Nicolas Constant Pixii-Dumotier (1776-1861), one of the foremost constructors of physical instruments of the 19th century.
This goniometer (brass and steel) hinged at the 90° graduation is signed on the back side “Pixii Neveu et Succ[ess]eur de Dumotiez à Paris”; the instrument is possibly coming from a French mineralogical kit by the Pixii company (including i.a. a blowpipe, a Nicholson hydrometer, etc.) as depicted in U. Burchard’s paper in the Mineralogical Record Vol. 35, p. 273 (1994).
€ 3200,-

contact goniometer Pixii

contact goniometer Pixii


# 94 13/02/22

PATRIN, Eugène Melchior Louis, 1801 - 1st edition
Histoire naturelle des minéraux,...

Paul Tambuyser
Paris, Deterville, 12mo. (13 x 8.5 cm) 2nd ed. 5 volumes. With a total of 39 engraved hand colored plates.
Patrin spend ten years in mineralogical researches in Germany, Hungary and Russia. The text is based on his original researches in those countries. The set is part of Buffon's Cours complet d'Histoire Naturelle, but is complete in itself. The hand colored plates, depict minerals and fossils. Very nice mixed full calf bindings, with gilt ornaments and gilt lettering on red labels. All volumes in one marbled slipcase. Contents fine. A lovely set.
€ 750.-

Histoire naturelle des minéraux, Patrin

# 93 13/02/22

BAUER, Max, 1909

Paul Tambuyser
Leipzig, Chr. Herm. Tauchnitz, 4to (28 x 19 cm), 2nd German ed.; xvi, 766 p., with 21 plates (8 in color and have tissue guards), and 115 text illustrations.
A textbook on gems, their characters, occurrence, applications, with an introduction to their determination. The plates show various types of gem minerals and gemstones. Thoroughly revised edition of this classic masterpiece work on gemstones. Sinkankas (Gemology, An Annotated Bibliography) writes on the first edition '... one of the greatest gemological works ever published and though leaning on Kunz's work noted above, far exceeding it in respect to comprehensiveness both in regard to world gem localities and the scientific study of gemology. It established a model that was to be emulated for many years'.
Original publishers half leather with gilt lettering on spine and leather corners. Some minor staining to the spine. Contents very good apart from a minor damp stain on the title page.
€ 250.-

Edelsteinkunde, Max Bauer