Circle of Jamin and Sénarmont


J. Duboscq, Paris
Lacquered brass circle of Jamin and Sénarmont for the determination of angles and refractive indexes and for the study of the polarization of reflected light on metallic and crystalline substances and on liquids.
The circle (diameter 26 cm) may be oriented either horizontally or vertically. The small circles (diameter 11 cm) with alidades and vernier read-out accommodate the analyzer and polarizer. The instrument (total height 45 cm) was designed to accommodate a number of accessories described in the catalogue of Ph. Pellin (Fascicule IV) and in a paper of Jamin (Annales de Chimie et de Physique, 3e série, tome XXIX, juillet 1850)
This instrument misses most of the original optical parts and the accessories.
Signed "J. Duboscq à Paris", 2nd half 19th century.

Museum for the History of Sciences, Universiteit Gent, Belgium (inventory number: MW 93/0037-CV)

Circle of Jamin and Sénarmont, J. Duboscq, Paris