Polarizing microscope


J.Swift & Son, London
Polarizing microscope (lacquered brass) with black lacquered brass limb and body tube and black enameled iron horseshoe base in fitted mahogany case with accessories.
Main focus by rack and pinion and fine focus by thumbwheel micrometer. Circular rotating stage with 360-degree scale. Swing out polarizer (Nicol prism) and condenser lens. The analyzer (Nicol prism) is fitted on a sliding shoe into the lower part of the body tube. Double nosepiece. Height 35 cm.
Signed on the limb "J. SWIFT & SON | LONDON", and serial number "17726", early 20th century. The instrument was originally made to be used on the Geological Survey of Great Britain.

private collection

Polarizing microscope, J.Swift & Son, London