Mitscherlich type goniometer


Böhm & Wiedemann, München
Mitscherlich type goniometer (brass) with telescope, engraved silvered scale (0.5 degree) and vernier read-out with twin adjusting wheels and goniometric head. Blackened brass base. In wooden cabinet. Diameter circle 11 cm.
Signed on the base "Böhm & Wiedemann, M√ľnchen" and marked "M.R.H.N. 101". 1885.
A notice fixed inside the cabinet indicates that this goniometer was bought by the Museum in July 1885, for 298.75 belgian franks, A.F. Renard beeing curator.

collection: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels Belgium

Mitscherlich type goniometer, Böhm & Wiedemann, München