Two circle contact goniometer


Stoe & Cie, Fritz Rheinheimer, Heidelberg
Stoe two circle contact goniometer (lacquered brass and blackened brass base) with graduated circles and vernier read-out, a steel rod with contact plane and specimen holder on a ball and socket joint. Vertical circle 15 cm, height 22 cm.
Signed on the vertical circle "Stoe & Cie | Fritz Rheinheimer | Heidelberg", first half 20th century.
The present owner bought the goniometer from the widow of Richard Venable Gaines (1917-1999); see label from Gaines' collection below.
Mounted on the specimen holder is a wooden crystal model of datolite.

collection Roger Warin

Stoe two circle contact goniometer, Stoe & Cie, Fritz Rheinheimer, Heidelberg

label Richard Gaines