Two circle crystal-grinding goniometer


R. Fuess, Steglitz - Berlin
Two circle goniometer for making plaster crystal models. Lacquered brass and blackened brass with graduated circles (12 and 10 cm) and vernier read-out, steel specimen holder and steel rod (spring around this rod is missing) with grinding plate. Height: 30.5 cm.
Signed "R. Fuess Steglitz - Berlin", early 20th century.

The instrument was designed and described by Friedrich Stöber (1914), Über einige neue krystallographische Apparate, Zeitschrift für Krystallographie, 54, 273-288.

collection: Museum for the History of Sciences
Universiteit Gent, Belgium (inventory number: MW 01/4922)

Two circle crystal-grinding goniometer, R. Fuess, Steglitz - Berlin