How to Contribute

The objects related to the history of mineralogy and crystallography are distributed among museums, institutes and collectors worldwide. In the Virtual Museum we bring together photos and descriptions of representative historical objects and present them in a systematic way. We hope this virtual collection can help anyone interested in the history of mineralogy and crystallography gain a better understanding of the evolution of these sciences.
This goal can only be achieved with the help of many who are willing to share photos and descriptions of their own treasures with others. If you are willing to share photos and information with the Virtual Museum, please read the following recommendations describing how to submit your information.

Physical description
To include an object in the collection, we need a description of the object and one or more photos to present it to the museum visitors.
The physical description of the objects must include the material(s) from which they are made, dimensions, indication of the main parts or typical features, signatures. If an instrument is kept in the original case, this must also be described (material and dimensions).
If an object is signed please reproduce the exact signature on the object. If signed in majuscules, please reproduce the signature text in majuscules.
We use the metric system to indicate the dimensions of objects in the VMHM. For instruments and related objects this will usually be centimeters (cm); for books we use millimeters (mm).
In case of antiquarian books we need a thorough description of the book. This includes not only information such as title, author, pages, but also a complete collation of your copy.

Dating of objects
Dating an instrument is not always easy. When an instrument is signed, one has at least an idea of the time interval in which it may have been manufactured. Publications in the literature can also help indicate a time period when an instrument was in use (year it was invented, used, discussed, etc.). Please be as realistic as possible when assigning a date or date interval to your object.

We attach great importance to photos because they are very useful in describing an object. Send as many images as you deem necessary to clearly visualize the object.
Large size photographs are preferred as they allow us some editing and enhancement.

Literature references are highly appreciated. Please use the following format
  • for books:
    Author (year) Title, Place of publication.
    example: Tutton, A.E.H. (1911) Crystallography and Practical Crystal Measurement, London
  • for publications in journals:
    Author (year) title, Journal, volume, issue, pages.
    example: Burchard, U. (1998) History and Development of the Crystallographic Goniometer, The Mineralogical Record, 29, 517-583.

Please let us know if you would like to be listed as the owner of the object you are proposing to be included in the VMHM collection.
Do you want
  • to remain anonymous
  • to be included in the list of contributors
  • your name to be mentioned with your object
  • a link to your website, or to your e-mail-address

Please let us know if you wish to have copyright on the photographs and descriptive text that you provide to the VMHM. If you want to have copyright, we will include a statement in the style:
© owner name, institution, city, country
If you do not indicate copyright information, the copyright rests with the VMHM.

We are not responsible for any effect whatsoever resulting from the posting of your information on our site. We are not responsible for any misuse of this information in any way.

If you still have questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us
We hope to hear from you soon and appreciate your cooperation!