Marbode (1539)

Marbode (1539)

Marbode (1539)

Marbodaei | Galli Caenomanensis De | gemmarum lapidum'q3 pretiosorum formis, natu | ris, atq3uiribus eruditù cù primis opusculù, sane qutile, cum | ad rei medicæ, tù scripturæ sacræ cognitionè: nùc primù nö | mö cètù ferme uersib. locupletatù pariter & accuratius emé= | datù, sed & scholijs qq3 illustratù p Alardù AEmstelredamù | [8 lines of Latin and Greek text surrounding a woodcut figure representing Aaron and the 12 stones of the biblical breast shield] | Coloniæ excudebat Hero Alopecius. Anno. 1539.

Collation: 8°: A-Q8; [1] 2-124 [2] leaves (numbered in folio on the recto side only)

Page size: 159 x 97 mm

Binding: full calf, blindstamped covers, gilt ornaments on spine and gilt lettering on spine labels

Provenance: manuscript ownership inscription on inside cover "Ex Libris P Bonnet D M P 1646" and other inscription crossed out

Other editions: many Latin editions from 1511 (first edition) to 1799

References: Hoover 558, Schuh 3229, Sinkankas 4173

Note: present copy bound together with "Medicinae Herbariae Libri Dvo, ... Avtore Ioanne Agricola ... Basileae, ... D XXXIX"

Collection: private collection