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(087) 08/03/18

Bournon, (1813), Catalogue de la collection minéralogique du Comte de Bournon
Arnaud N. Mignan

Bournon, Comte de (1813), Catalogue de la collection minéralogique du Comte de Bournon. London, chez L. Deconchy, 563 pp. (without the very rare Plates volume) - Catalogue of the large and important mineral collection created by Bournon. The "Discours Préliminaire" provides a history of the collection's formation and observations about the science of mineralogy. There is also an extensive commentary on Bournon's relationship with the British Museum and its trustees. The text contains a detailed description of the collection's specimens, with information on the minerals chemical and physical properties. Throughout Bournon references Hauy and other mineralogists. A separate section deals with Hauy's theories on crystal structure. Rare (source: Jacques-Louis, Comte de Bournon (1751-1825) was a French soldier and mineralogist who came to England after the French Revolution. He gained prominence in the scientific community, being elected a fellow of the Royal Society and was a founding member of the Geological Society before returning to France after the Bourbon Restoration
€ 1500,-

(086) 08/03/18

Romé de l'Isle, J. L. (1773), Description méthodique d'une collection de minéraux, du cabinet de M.D.R.D.L.
Arnaud N. Mignan

Romé de l'Isle, J. L. (1773), Description méthodique d'une collection de minéraux, du cabinet de M.D.R.D.L.. Paris, Approbation & Privilege, 299 pp. - Jean-Baptiste Louis Romé de l'Isle (1736-1790) was one of the two great French crystallographers, considered with René Just Haüy (1743-1822) the co-founders of modern crystallography. Romé de l'Isle described his 750-specimen collection of metallic minerals in his 1773 catalogue. His collection was well-known in Paris, and 68 of his specimens were chosen for illustration by Fabien Gautier d'Agoty in his famous 1781 color-plate book. His catalogue, as one would expect, is considerably more scholarly than average for the time. This fact, and also the publication of his one-volume essay on crystallography in 1772, made him a popular savant in Parisian scientific circles, and he was called upon to prepare quite a number of catalogs for other mineral collectors during the following years. Following his death in 1790, Romé de l'Isle's collection was purchased by Francois Gillet de Laumont (1747-1834), one of the greatest mineral collectors of his day. Gillet de Laumont's collection, including Romé de l'Isle's original specimens, was purchased in 1835 by the French government and is now preserved in the Museum of Natural History in Paris [Wilson 25]
€ 1250,-

(084) 02/04/17

set of 18 wooden geometric models by Antonio Vallardi
Arnaud N. Mignan

A set of 18 wooden, with original whitewash, geometric models by Antonio Vallardi, Milano and Roma, Italy. The set (late 19th - early 20th century?) is composed of cylinders, pyramids, cone, platonic solids and other geometrical shapes (some with shape handwritten on them). Cover of the Antonio Vallardi geometric model box. The box cover reads: "COLLEZIONE di SOLIDI GEOMETRICI | con memoriale delle regole per trovarne la superfice e il volume | MILANO Via Stelvio (angolo Via Lario) | filiali ROMA xx V. E. 35 | NAPOLI Via Roma 37-38". 33.5 x 26 x 10 cm .
€ 700.-


Fuess, R. Kataloggruppe 4 - Mikroskope und Instrumente für allgemeine optische Beobachtungen und Materialuntersuchungen.
Claude Hootelé

1939, 8°, original edition 10 (of 15) descriptive richly illustrated perforated brochures: Lupen (not present); Polarisations-Mikroskope (48 p.); Werkstoff-Mikroskope (12 p.); Meßokulare, Integriervorrichtung "Sigma" (12 p.); Mikroskop und Projektionsgerät "Orthophot" (not present); Kameras für Makro- und Mikro-Photographie (16 p.); Zeichenapparate (not present); Lichtquellen f. Mikroskopie usw. (4 p.); Meß-Mikroskope (16 p.); Ablese-Fernrohre und Kathetometer (12 p.); Optische Laufprüfer (not present); Schneide-, Schleif- und Poliermaschinen, Hilfsmittel zur Herstellung von Dünnschliffen (16 p.); Ritzhärteprüfer (8 p.); Instrumente für optische Kontrollzwecke (not present); Geologen-Kompasse (16 p.). Very good inner condition of the set.
€ 45.

Fuess Katalog

Fuess Katalog

Fuess Katalog

(082) 02/02/15

Berek compensator
Claude Hootelé

Berek compensator in its original wooden box (94 x 56 x 42 mm). The instrument is in perfect condition and functional (but without the original notice of direction for use). Leitz N° 1201.
The Berek compensator was used for accurate measurements of retardation and recognition of the optic sign through determination of the position of the fast and slow rays.
€ 125.-