Projector polariscope

F. Pellin, Paris
Polariscope - optical bench with numerous accessories to demonstrate and investigate polarization phenomena in crystals by means of projection.
Lacquered brass polariscope and accessories on cast iron base (height:  35 cm) with brass rail (length: 34.6 cm), total height of the instrument: 48 cm. The accessories are stored in a wooden box (44.7 x 22.9 x 13.6 cm).
Signed "F. Pellin, Paris" on the rail, early 20th century (1912 or later).

This type of instrument was initially made by Duboscq and listed in his 1885 catalogue as "Appareil de Jules Duboscq, pour projeter tous les phénomènes de polarisation rectiligne, circulaire, elliptique, chromatique et rotatoire; les cristaux à un axe, cristaux à deux axes."

Collection: private collection

Projector polariscope, F. Pellin, Paris

Projector polariscope, F. Pellin, Paris