Polarizing microscope

Nachet et Fils, Paris
Polarizing microscope (lacquered brass) in fitted mahogany case with accessories. The unconventional design was introduced c. 1880 by the Parisian microscope manufacturer and collector Jean-Alfred Nachet (Alfred) as a response to “those microscopes that require the centration of the objective by means of two buttons…”. Harry Rosenbusch’s design did indeed require the centration of the objective to the axis of stage rotation. Nachet eliminated this necessity by coupling the objective and the stage.
Ernest Mallard described the present stand in 1884 as belonging to ‘Nachet’s old model’. It is one of the very first examples of its kind, made between 1878 and 1881. The signature on the base reads: “NACHET ET FILS | 17, rue St. Séverin | Paris”. Height: 39 cm.

Provenance: Mining Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia (attributed)

Collection: Jeroen Meeusen (

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