Polarizing microscope

R. Fuess, Steglitz, Berlin
Nikitin-type polarizing microscope (lacquered brass with black enamel finish on the tube and black horseshoe base and arm); this type of instrument was specifically designated to accommodate a universal stage.
Focus by rack-and-pinion mechanism. Circular rotating stage (diameter 9.6 cm) with 360-degree scale and vernier. The analyzer (Nicol prism) is fitted on a sliding shoe into the lower part of the body tube and the focusable Bertrand lens into the upper part. Height 38.5 cm. This instrument misses the polarizer.
Signed "R. Fuess | Steglitz – Berlin | N° 2027", first half 20th century?

Collection: Museum for the History of Sciences, Universiteit Gent, Belgium (inventory number: MW 03/5112)