Burat, 1844  

History of Mineralogy / Crystallography
The EUROMIN project
history of mineralogy project by 8 European mineralogy museums

Collecting & Collectors
Mineralien - Steindosen - alte Bücher - Bergbaukunst
from the collection of Simone and Peter Huber, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Antique Optics
microscopes, threead counters, spectroscopes, collection of Bart Verhaeren (Belgium)

the Tricottet Collection
of natural history specimens, established in 2006 by Dr A. Mignan in honor of his grand father, Guy Tricottet (1926-1993)

Histoire du Microscope
from a French collector of antique microscopes

Annotated Bio-Bibliography of Mineralogy and Crystallography 1469-1919 volume 1 + volume 2
by the late Curtis Schuh

The Mineralogical Record Label Archive
a collection of original printed mineral specimen labels, including biographies of mineral collectors and mineral dealers, and history of institutions.

Instruments for Science, 1800 - 1914
Scientific trade catalogs in Smithsonian collections

Museum optischer Instrumente
about the evolution of the optical industry during the period 1800 - 1920
shows microscopes and spectroscopes

Krantz crystallography catalogs archive 
the archive of Dr. F. Krantz, Rheinisches Mineralien-Kontor catalogs related to crystallography and crystal models