Wollaston type goniometer

Carlo Grindel (Milano, Italy)
Early Wollaston type goniometer (brass) with engraved scale and vernier read-out with twin adjusting wheels, on walnut plinth base. With a diaphragm type disc to fix the eye position with respect to the reflecting crystal. Diameter circle 11.6 cm.
Signed on circle "Grindel Carlo", 1st half 19th century (before 1847).

Carlo Grindel (ca. 1780 - 1854) was a technician at the Brera astronomical observatory in Milano from about 1816 until his death in 1854. He was succeeded by his son Francesco, who already replaced him in 1847 due to his father's eye-illness.

Collection: private collection

Wollaston type goniometer, Carlo Grindel (Milano, Italy)

Wollaston type goniometer, Carlo Grindel (Milano, Italy)